Settlement Agreements

Suppose you are provided with a settlement agreement. In that case, the Legal Practice Solicitors in Wembley, London, UK offer free initial advice on the agreement.

Leading Settlement Agreement Solicitors

Suppose your employer has offered you a settlement agreement. In that case, our specialist employment lawyers can help negotiate and agree with your settlement agreement. We have a proven track record of reaching positive outcomes for our clients that often increase the financial settlement offered by the employer. We deal with employees from all business sectors, from start-ups and small family-owned companies to large conglomerates and global multinationals.

Same Day Response

For settlement agreements, our UK solicitors offer the same-day response. A solicitor will talk to you about what’s involved, prepare a response for you and start negotiations. Please note that in almost all cases, all costs for settlement agreements are borne by your employer. There will be no charges levied on you.

All consultations on settlement agreements can be conducted face to face, by video call, telephone, or another alternative method to suit you. 

Other Employment Matters​

Our employment settlement agreement solicitors team can provide support on a number of employment matters in the UK, including:

  • Reorganisations, Restructuring and Redundancy Settlement

  • Maternity, Paternity & other Parental Advice

  • Grievances & Disciplinary Procedures

  • Performance Management

  • Sickness & other Absence Management

  • TUPE Drafting & Transfers

  • Employment Contracts

  • Post-Termination Restrictions

Contact Our Expert Settlement Agreement Lawyers 

  • If you would like to contact us regarding either of these matters please call us on 0208 903 7017, or contact us via e-mail.

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Settlement Agreements FAQs

What is a Settlement Agreement ?
A Settlement Agreement (formerly known as a Compromise Agreement) is a written agreement offered by your employer that offers further financial compensation or an incentive beyond your contractual entitlement to enter into a settlement and leave your employment. By signing the agreement, the right to bring an employment claim against an employer is withdrawn.

If I am offered a Settlement Agreement, do I have to accept it ?
No, it is completely up to you whether you sign the settlement agreement or not. Usually there is a financial incentive for signing, however it is important to consider what employment rights you are giving up by doing this. One consequence of not signing the settlement agreement is that you may still be considered for redundancy. If there is a disciplinary or performance improvement process underway, this may still be followed through. You will still be able to bring employment claims, however, and should note the very restrictive time limits within which you need to do so.

Do I have to seek legal advice before I sign a settlement agreement?
Yes. The employee must receive independent legal advice about the terms and effect of the settlement agreement (and the adviser must sign a certificate) for it to be binding. This is because Settlement agreements involve employees giving away important legal rights that are written into statute.

Can the terms of a Settlement Agreement be negotiated and changed ?
Yes, an employee can seek to negotiate an increase in the amount they are being offered or extend the period of employee benefits, perhaps because they believe they would be giving up a valuable employment claim. A solicitor can help to negotiate the terms on your behalf. Providing both parties (employer and employee) agree, changes can be made to a Settlement Agreement.

What claims will a Settlement Agreement bring to an end ?
Settlement agreement usually bring to an end all employment, contractual and common law claims against your employer.

Who pays for a Settlement Agreement ?
In most instances, the cost of the legal advice associated with a Settlement Agreement is borne by your employer, not yourself individually. If additional advice is required, this can usually be negotiated with your employer to ensure all legal costs are covered.

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